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The Mockingjay lives.


the whole ‘phone call from the past, i’m gonna make you stay’ honestly felt like a cheap trick. because… how is making clara stay, by telling that your future self needs her, any good? her trust needed to be EARNED, not forced with emotional manipulation. she was abandoned by the same man approximately 20 minutes before that and almost died on her own. 



More TW text posts! - Inspired by (x)

isaac lahey in every episode.

season 2 episode 8 “raving”


More TW text posts - Inspired by (x)

teen wolf 3a bloopers - part two (part one)


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Tyler Posey:
Tyler Hoechlin:
Holland Roden:
Arden Cho:

I look like I just stepped out of the - the last period of a Catholic prep school, and there is no way I’m going to remember all of this, I mean what does this even mean, “revolving over and under barrels?” I am sweating all the way through my jacket, I didn’t even know I could sweat this much.

Daniel Sharman’s Ice Bucket Challenge